Music has always been his strongest passion. He studied music theory for 10 years and played classic guitar for 9 years, between the ages of 5 and 15, before making the transition to electronic music which has since then been his utter obsession. Benjamin then started to humbly produce electronic music, spent days,weeks, months, years, scouting the internet to dig for music and plugins.

After saving up enough money to buy his first DJ decks and when he was 17, he started playing local gigs and never looked back. Fortune allowed him to move from Normandy to Amsterdam at age 20, to study sound engineering in order to get closer to the music industry and use newly acquired skills to hone his music. This has also allowed him to work in countless studios in the Netherlands and France, as an engineer and artist, while also evolving in the events industry. 

From age 22 to 25, he and his closest friends formed Maison Aloha, an events collective based in the north of France, with a strong presence in Normandy and Paris. They grew steadily until Covid hit in 2020, which would have been their biggest season, with multiple festivals planned throughout the year, as well as residencies in various venues in Normandy and Paris. Unfortunately, the collective’s activity had to come to an end due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, covid allowed him to focus purely on creating music, which he has been releasing since then.